Online Sushi Class

Want to take our class but don't live in or around Birmingham, Alabama?  We've got good news for you.
You can purchase our beginner sushi class right here & watch it on your laptop, tablet or even on your phone!

For the cost of one date night in a sushi bar, we'll teach you:
How to make perfect sticky rice for sushi
How to shop for fish and how to handle it properly & safely
How to cut veggies for sushi rolls
Where to shop and what to buy
How to make all of sushi's most popular sauces, from eel sauce to spicy mayo
How to roll perfect sushi that will never fall apart

Check out the promo video

Our basics class is 53 minutes long & includes everything above, as well as a shopping list, suggested fillings and loads of tips & tricks from our pro.
After watching this video, you'll be able to make sushi at home anytime you want!
Our anniversary special!! You can purchase the video for only $24.95.

In the coming months, we'll be posting add-on videos to teach you more advanced techniques, such as:
How to make topped rolls, such as the Rainbow & Caterpillar
How to use a blowtorch to sear tuna and bbq'd eel
How to make handrolls
How to make nigiri
How to tempura fry entire rolls
How to make "firecracker" or "bang bang" shrimp, just like they have in your favorite restaurants
How to make spicy crab salad and Volcano rolls
and MORE!
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