In our 2 hour, hands-on beginner class, you will learn

  • how to make perfect sticky rice, every time
  • how to make sushi's most popular sauces, including BangBang, spicy mayo, YumYum & eel sauce  and even how to make BangBang at ChicFilA!
  • where to shop and what to buy
  • how (and where) to buy fish, and most importantly, how to handle it at home to ensure that you can safely serve raw fish to your friends and family
  • how to roll beautiful sushi that will never fall apart
  • tips, tricks and insider knowledge from a working sushi chef

Our sushi chef instructor will also send you home with a cheat sheet full of tips, recipes, tricks & more, so there's no need to take notes during class!

We're now offering our VIP experience on select classes.  This includes an extended class, more sushi to make (and to eat), and our highly sought after intermediate class notes!